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Barney E. Dwyer, Ph.D.

Dr. Dwyer has been a VA funded investigator since 1986 beginning at the Sepulveda VA and moving to the Upper Valley in 1995. Dr. Dwyer is also a Research Associate Professor of Medicine at Dartmouth College. 

Dr. Dwyer's current research focuses on Alzheimer's disease (AD). Development of effective therapies is hindered by incomplete understanding of its pathogenesis. Dr. Dwyer believes that development of heme dyshomeostasis is critical in AD pathogenesis and preliminary results from this laboratory suggest that cerebral heme biosynthesis is profoundly altered in AD. In addition, Dr. Dwyer is exploring the link between age-related incidence of AD and age-associated increase in body iron stores that increase the risk for common diseases such as type II diabetes and vascular disease, which also increase risk for Alzheimer's Disease.